Hackathon 4- The Pirates of Silicon Harbor

August 23rd, 2014

August 23 and 24 at SPARC:
The competition is open to any code-wrangling pirate willing to walk the plank. The 2014 judging categories include iOS, Android, and Responsive Web App. Pillaging your neighbors will be highly recommended and encouraged, so come prepared to battle and defend. Top code captains from across the land will be onboard to offer up their expertise on and knowledge on a variety of topics. Catch presentations throughout the day to sail to new intellectual horizons. Of course this won’t be all work and no play. There will be plenty of rum and rabble rousing, but we’ll be batting down the hatches for the wee hours of the night this year. All sea legs will return Sunday for demos, judging, and family-friendly festivities.Winners will be handsomely rewarded in each category with their fair share of loot. There will be plenty of buried treasure and hidden rewards for all challenges and participants thanks to our amazing sponsors.

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