SC ACCELERATE is a program designed to provide educational opportunities and career pathways for adult learners, preparing them for high-skill/high demand occupations in the state's expanding Advanced Manufacturing Sector.

What types of services are available through SC ACCELERATE?
Support services include: assistance with admissions process, assistance with FAFSA documents, academic and career planning, resume assistance, one-on-one support for SC ACCELERATE participants, referrals to partner agencies for assistance with barriers to individual goal attainment, etc.

What qualifies me to become a participant in SC ACCELERATE?
We serve veterans of any age, TAA certified workers, and all adults age 25 and older. However, anyone can be a participant and receive career preparation services at the APTC.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?
Please bring the following to your appointment:  Photo ID, DD-214 (if a veteran), resume if available, and current school schedule if already enrolled.

Can the grant help with tuition and books?
The SC ACCELERATE grant is a support service grant, and not a tuition based grant.  However, we can refer you to some partner agencies which may have funding available to help with tuition or books.

How will participating in the grant affect my financial aid status?
The grant does not fund tuition or books.  Therefore it does not interfere with any financial aid qualifications.

Will you be able to get me a job after I graduate?
We will be glad to assist you with your effort to find employment by providing resume review, interview practice, and strategies for searching for work. We will also introduce you to partner agencies that can be of assistance to you as well. Although we are not a job placement agency, one of the goals of SC ACCELERATE is for you to be able to obtain employment once you have completed your training.

How is SC ACCELERATE different from other services currently offered?
The program is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of Adult Learners and will leverage all current resources in one center to facilitate centralized services.  Benefits of the program include access to the Adult Post-Secondary Transition Center (APTC) for career assistance, workshops, resume writing and more.

Do I have to be a student to access services?
No. You are not required to be currently enrolled at the college to receive services.  However, if you are interested in becoming an enrolled student, we can help you through the process.

What does the SC ACCELERATE grant provide?
Participants within the grant specific areas of study are able to stack and lattice their credentials as well as accelerate their path to completion through enhanced, online technology enabled learning resources and enhanced curriculum options. Overall, the SC ACCELERATE's APTC can provide students and participants with career readiness, resume assistance, referrals, workshops, student coaching and tutors, and individualized student services.

Will I receive tuition or monies for signing up?
SC ACCELERATE cannot provide monetary assistance. However, our team, and specifically the APTC, can provide you with individualized assistance pertinent to your academic and personal goals

What will be required of me should I be an eligible participant?
Initially, the overall process to determine your eligibility will involve a brief assessment. At that point, should you be eligible, the APTC staff will assist you with an individual plan to complete your academic and personal goals. However, there are no requirements beyond eligibility.

Do you provide scholarships to assist with education?  
SC ACCELERATE does not provide any direct financial assistance to program participants. However, we do provide connections to partnering agencies that may have funding available. We can also assist with completion of FASFA documents and any scholarship applications for which you may be eligible.

Can SC ACCELERATE help me with obtaining my VA benefits and services? 
SC ACCELERATE can assist with putting you in contact with the appropriate office at the Department of Veterans Affairs. We also have partnerships with local Veteran Centers and other agencies to assist veterans.

Will SC ACCELERATE be extended beyond 2016?  
A grant continuance will be based on how outcome measurements of this grant period are met.  It is our desire to have SC ACCELERATE become part of the college process across South Carolina. As we are able to support our participants acquire the skills, degrees, certificates and other industry recognized credentials necessary for employment, this will help ensure the future of SC ACCELERATE programs and services. To help make this happen, we ask that our participants complete the associated FEEDBACK FORM. This form is available via the "FEEDBACK" link on this webpage or at your local APTC.