The SC ACCELERATE Program (Adult College Completion through E-Learning Resources and Academic Tracks to Employment) addresses business and industry's challenge in employing highly skilled, technologically sound employees. The objective of SC ACCELERATE is to expand educational and career pathways for adult learners, preparing them for high-skill/high-demand occupations in South Carolina's expanding manufacturing sector. SC ACCELERATE achieves this by providing specialized training, support and career services through Adult Post-Secondary Transition Centers (APTCs).

The SC ACCELERATE Program is geared towards the following individuals:

• Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Individuals

• Veterans and spouses of active duty military personnel

• Adults aged 25 and older. This population may include:

  • Unemployed Individuals
  • Dislocated Workers
  • Incumbent Workers
  • Underemployed Individuals

Adult Post-Secondary Transition Centers (APTC)
Adult Post-Secondary Transition Centers (APTCs) are an essential part of SC ACCELERATE.  The focus of the centers is to provide support and guidance to participants as they journey through their educational endeavors and job skills training. This added support, knowledge and experience enhances their chances of employment and make them more competitive in the labor force.

The APTC and its staff provide comprehensive services that include basic skills training, career exploration, career and education assessments, work readiness training, foundational skills workshops and more to ensure success throughout the process.

Upon completion of the participant's education and training requirements, participants are provided with career services skills support.